Parental Sovereignty

C.L.A.S.S. is different than public schools, private schools, and homeschool co-ops. Educate YOUR way knowing specialized teachers are there to help.

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Parental Sovereignty and Conservative Values in Wenatchee

C.L.A.S.S. exists to empower parents to educate their children by providing curriculum support, instructional coaching, quarterly academic assessment, and on-site weekly academic and social-emotional enrichment for kids. Do you want to homeschool but don’t satisfy the Washington state education requirements? We ...
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We love CLASS! Being able to homeschool our child, along with getting the classroom experience with a great teacher is the perfect combo. Miss Keyanna is ...Read more

Jan 25, 2024
Madalyn Jennings

Why Choose C.L.A.S.S.?

  • Conservative Values
  • Sibling Discounts
  • Free consultation
  • Parking available
  • Wheelchair accessible


Emma, Wenatchee Homeschool Parent

“Public school kindergarten was especially tough for my son. I was constantly getting contacted by the principal with disciplinary issues that greatly affected his self esteem. My big-hearted little boy didn’t understand why he was always in trouble. Then he started taking a class with Audra. Her manner with him and classroom management style highlighted his best qualities and focused on catching him doing things right! He left each class with Audra feeling great about himself and his time there. It was such a breath of fresh air for me to have a teacher help my son thrive in a learning environment. I remember tearing up the first few times I picked him up, because he was so excited to show me how well he had done on the behavior color chart. He responded so well to this strategy that I started using a similar idea at home! I highly recommend Audra Keyanna to anyone looking for academic and social skills education for their primary aged kids.”


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