Team & People Skills

Team & People Skills

Team & People Skills

Social skill & academic enrichment are the umbrella under which students in this group receive instruction and practice. Each week, students receive whole-group and individualized instruction in academic content that is differentiated to meet individual student needs in reading and written language.

Students learn traditional American history, science, and written language, while integrating reading, all from a Biblical worldview. Students work individually and in small groups, as they practice their skills and create products for their annual homeschool portfolios. This format is specially designed to meet the varied social and academic needs of students, without regard for chronological age or academic grade level.

Math instruction is provided in whole-group, small-group, and individual formats, depending on the make-up of each class of students. 

Periodic classroom based assessment and parent request will guide the content covered. One size does not fit all, so lessons are designed and customized to meet your student’s needs

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