PreK & Kindergarten

PreK & Kindergarten

PreK for ages 4-5

Kindergarten for ages 5-6

Social skills development is the deliberate focus of lesson and activity planning for this age group. While academic content and school skills are taught on a daily basis, they serve as a vehicle for increasing the important skills that result from intentional social skills education:

* Better communication with others
* Problem-solving in social situations
* Self-awareness
* Self-advocacy
* Independence & personal responsibility
* Managing one’s own emotions and reactions
* Reading verbal and non-verbal social cues.
* Practicing manners
* Respecting Boundaries

In short, we work on the skills that can only be learned in a group setting to help kids grow into happy, healthy, productive citizens. 

Children will gain independence and confidence as they accomplish new tasks, learning that their attachment with Mom & Dad remains even during an absence.

Our lessons support the foundational academic skills necessary for kindergarten and beyond. You can expect them to experience the following:

* Daily calendar and weather
* Student skills for fine motor coordination
* Phonological awareness and literacy activities
* Tracing & handwriting skills
* Numerals and counting
* One-to-one correspondence of objects
* Patterns
* Sorting by attributes
* Number sense and addition/subtraction
* Matching & comparing
* Traditional American history stories
* Old & New Testament Bible stories.
* Whole Group & Small Group Instruction
* Guided & Free-Choice Play for Social Practice

For some families, mornings at C.L.A.S.S. provide the “PreK or Kindergarten experience” For others, it is an extracurricular activity to provide the necessary social interaction for personal growth.

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